Religious Education


All Saints Rc Church Brooklyn NYFaith Formation Staff:

For information about religious education at All Saints Parish, please call (718) 388-5050.

Director of Religious Education:
Awilda Martinez

Assistants of Program:
Carolyn Zapata
Rosa Cruz

Amy Lazo
Katherine Tolentino
Margarita Perez
Juan Manuel Martinez
Elsie Rivera
Maria MartinezDiocese of Brooklyn Williamsburg All Saints Church
Brithney Rivera
María Palafox
Aleysha Cabral
Yaritma Cabral

Assistant Catechists:
Iris, Alani, Noelia, Kyara, Janet, Delilah, Leangi, Emelly, Coralis, Alex, Jorge, Massiel, Sara, Nathalie, Caroline, Jennifer

Program Goals for This Year at All Saints Church:
We provide opportunities for all, regardless of age or circumstance, to enrich their faith. Catechesis is a lifelong process; the seed is planted by God, nurtured by the family, and strengthened by the church. Our program goals this year:
– Provide ongoing educational opportunities in the faith.
– Promote an awareness of sacraments.
– Encourage spiritual faith formation.
– Develop a vision of catechesis as an essential “moment” in the process of evangelization.

Policies and Procedures for Students who are in Need of Sacraments:Child_classroom All Saints Williamsburg NY
Parents of students preparing for the sacraments are required to participate in the preparation provided by the parish. The preparation for the sacraments is ongoing, and students are expected to attend classes before and after they have received their sacraments.

For students who are six years of age or below, baptism may be administered by the priest or deacon upon the request of the parents with instructions given to the parents at a session before the sacrament is administered. Students should be enrolled in the grade that they are presently in school.

For students seven years of age through high school, the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and holy communion will be administered at Easter Vigil as part of the R.C.I.A. These students should be enrolled in Faith Formation classes in the grade they attend in regular school for a period of two years before they receive the sacraments. The decision to permit these students to receive the sacraments will be made by the pastor, teacher and CCD coordinator at the appropriate time. During their preparation periods, special sacramental catechesis will be given in addition to their regular Faith Formation classes. In the case of a high school student, he/she will attend a special high school class provided by the parish.

For all students, Faith Formation classes are offered from first grade through high school. Students are expected to attend class each year, whether they are receiving a sacrament that year or not. Regular attendance at Mass and regular reception of the sacraments must be a priority for all Catholics.